The market

The global smartphone market reached approximately 1.3 billion units in 2015, according to International Data Corporation (IDC). All Smartphones include several radio transceivers supporting standards like LTE, WiFi and Bluetooth. In each of these, a radio transceiver is needed that is realized in RF-CMOS or BiCMOS integrated chip technology.

The product

The promising features of nano wire transistors are utilized in a device koncept with superior performance in terms of breakdown voltage and cut off frequencies, combined with low leakage currents. The unique features makes the devices well suited both high frequency RF-applications as well as digital processing with high demands on clock frequency and current consumption.

The company

C2AMPS was founded in Malmö in 2016 with the purpose of creating nanowire transistors that can meet the challenges posed by the new 5G technology and the requirement of IoT. The three founders have all backgrounds from telecom, sensor technology and academia.

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